State Prisons in Louisiana

A state prison is a prison maintained and operated by the State government directly. Nowdays they are renamed as “correctional facilities” or “correctional institutions”. It is an govt institution and runs on tax-payer’s money.

Its similar to other types of jails like county jails and federal prisons. However the main difference lies with the kind of inmates being held-up and gross physical size of jail.

Inmates being corrected here are accused of serious crimes like murder, and rape. They have a sentence period of usually more than one year. On the other hand, a county jail has inmates with sentence less than a year and those awaiting their verdict.

They are usually built on larger areas and can house a large number of crimminals. Its larger than a county jail. There are sub-sections with varied levels of minimum, medium, and maximum security. It may have other facilities like gym, play area, reading rooms, TV room, etc.

Being State govt funded, inmates also have the luxury of educational services like getting their GED, and access to several vocational courses such as masonry, carpentry,construction,automotive repairing, etc. They also get access to basic medical and dental facilities.

The State of Louisiana hosts 9 different State Correctional Facilities. 7 jails are run directly by The Louisiana Department of Public Safety & Corrections and the rest two are privately run for-profit prisons. All jails have their own website and online inmate search facility. See the list below for more details:

Allen Correctional Center(337) 639-2943
B.B. Rayburn Correctional Center(985) 661-6300
David Wade Correctional Center(318) 927-0400
Dixon Correctional Institute(225) 634-1200
Elayn Hunt Correctional Center(225) 642-3306
Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women(225) 319-2701
Louisiana State Penitentiary(225) 655-4411
Raymond Laborde Correctional Center(318) 876-2891
Winn Correctional Center(318) 628-3971