Parish Jails in Louisiana

County jail are those categories of jails which are maintained to hold prisoners of that specific county within a US State. Local administration of such jails are headed by the respective sheriff of that county. Sheriff and his deputies are responsible for maintaining peace and order in his area through roles such as law enforcement officer, officer of the court, and detention officer.

Louisiana continues to use the word-parish, an old nomenclature equivalent of county. Hence county jails in Louisiana are alternatively called as Parish jails. Normally there’s 1 parish jail for each parish, except some counties with large land area. In Louisiana, there are 65 parish jails.

It normally houses inmates who have been punished with serving time of less than a year. It also holds those inmates who are awaiting their sentences, those who have been refused/failed to pay bail, convicted for attempt of court, or those convicted of more serious crimes and are waiting to be transferred to a prison.

Almost all jails have a private cell which holds violent, or controversial suspects, to protect others from them or them from being targeted by the general population of the jail, as well as to observe inmates who may want to harm themselves.

Several Parish jails of Louisiana also offer alternatives such as work release programs, work furlough, house arrest, and private county jails. Such arrangements are jail specific and can be found out by visitng its office/website.

All such jails have good-behaviour program where an inmate with calm decent behaviour can have their sentences reduced by 30-70% of their actual sentence. You may need to hire a lawyer to take advantage of this good-behaviour program.

Inmates are allowed visitation, but there are rules to be followed both by the inmate and visitor. Each jail has its own timings & regulations and these need to be closely followed. Nowdays many facilities have moved onto video visitation where you can meet your loved ones live over a computer screen. Phone calls are allowed but only at specific time slots. An inmate can make a phone call only to a set of allowed phone numbers. Its a pay phone and the inmate needs to pay per call by cash. Loved ones can also send money to inmates, and each jail has different options for sending money. Most jails now promote money ATMs and cash counters at jail office to send money.

Overall, the rules are different for each jail, and we have compiled the relevant data jail-wise. Click through the respective jail names to find out more.

Acadia Parish Jail(337) 788-8737
Allen Parish Jail337-639-4353
Ascension Parish Jail225.473.8674
Assumption Parish Jail985.369.7283