Federal Prison in Louisiana

These are the kinds of prison maintained and funded by US federal government(BOP). They are similar to State prisons, only difference being the administration. They have various sub-categories like minimal,medium, and high security prisons. Inmates are usially sentenced for more than a year and accused of crimes outlawed by Congress.

Federal prisons are fewer in number than state/county jails. Such prisons hold white collar criminals and political offenders while hardcore criminals get to serve in state prisons. Thus, for the same security level, a State prison is considered more dangerous than a federal prison due to violent nature of inmate population.

Those inmates displaying exceptionally good behavior can get a reduction in their sentence period under “good-behavior program”. The max relaxation is around 2 months/year of sentence.

US has a total of 109 federal prisons holding approx 221000 inmates/year. The State of Louisiana has 2 federal prison located at FCI Oakdale and Pollock. Pollock houses Louisiana State Penitentiary along with FCI Pollock.

These two prisons have different visitation rules and online inmate search facility. Click through the links below to know more specific info.

FCI Oakdale (1) 318-335-4070
FCI Oakdale (2) 318-335-4466
FCI Pollock318-765-4400
USP Pollock 318-561-5300